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27 Dec, 2022

Types Of Exercise

It is undeniable fact that, doing regular exercise and being active during the day are advices which are recommended by most of experts. However, most of people are exposed...

26 Dec, 2022

Violence At The School

All kinds of viloence are bad but unfourtanetly violence at the school is the worst kind of violence. Because, specially children are exposed like this kind of violence and...

25 Dec, 2022

Who is Dr Jill Biden | The First Lady Jill Biden!

Dr Jill Biden is the most famous woman of the world due to her husband, US President Joe Biden.  She is named the first lady Jill Biden, wife of...

23 Dec, 2022

How Do I Get Rid of A Dead Battery?

  In most part of our lives, we use different kinds of batteries for watches, remote controllers, scales and etc. We buy them from markets and use them. Until...

20 Dec, 2022

What Changes Have Bicycles Made in Human Life?

Have you ever thought about the changes that the bicycle has made in human life ? Bicycle is a product with many benefits such as its contribution to nature,...

18 Dec, 2022

Acne Types, Causes and Self-Treatment

It’s not a pleasant sight to see your reflection in the mirror as you notice your impeccable complexion marred by an ugly eruption that was nowhere to be seen...

15 Dec, 2022

What İs Flu? What İs The Difference Between Flu and Cold? How Long Does The Flu Last?

Flu is one of the most common diseases worldwide. Especially the cold winter months are the most appropriate times of this disease. On the other hand, flu symptoms may...

13 Dec, 2022

The Ottoman Balkans: A Crossroad Of Cultures And Civilizations

               In the years when the Ottoman Empire was founded, it was only a state of beylic. In time, the other principalities added to their lands and spread. By...

11 Dec, 2022

Treatment for Herpes

Herpes treatment is as yet unable to entirely get rid of the virus from the human body, which means that there is still no cure for herpes. As with...

7 Dec, 2022

The Importance Of Oıls In Haır Care

  If you have a hair problem and don’t know what to do, don’t worry. Many natural oils are great healing resources for hair and skin. Of these, coconut...

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