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At What Point Do Overweight People Decide To Lose Weight

At What Point Do Overweight People Decide To Lose Weight

The answer to the question, “At what point do overweight people decide to lose weight” must cover an enormous range and depend on the personal situation of the individual making such a momentous decision. For instance, a person carrying 10 pounds of excess weight can, in reality be termed as overweight.

But if they are happy with their extra pounds, are suffering no physical or psychological negative effects, then it can be safely assumed that at no point will this particular overweight person decide to lose weight. And good for them, well done for being happy with what they are.

What İs Considered As Overweight?

On the other hand, when considering the meaning of “overweight” we most generally mean obese, which is to say that anyone who is 20% or more heavier than the desirable weight range, is truly overweight. For everyone, there has to be a trigger that opens the way to making the decision to do something to change that.

From that moment on, the individual is motivated and has a purpose or strong reason to keep going, to stick with the decision to lose weight. The point when overweight people decide to lose weight is that trigger, that “Road to Damascus” enlightenment.

Many women willtell of how they saw themselves clearly and critically when looking at holiday photographs. These are often the most cruel and revealing images one can see of oneself. There is generally more flesh exposed, as swimsuits or skimpy, sunbathing clothing is worn, and this is the moment, the point of departure from being too fat to trying to do something about it.

This is a sudden, sharp and rude awakening, but many people do make the decision to stop being overweight because of such images of themselves.

Negative Effects Of Being Overweight

Then we have the gradual loss of physical strength and ability, usually coupled with painful joints, muscles and back. The more weight a person carries above and beyond the acceptable range, the more strain is put on the body, including the heart and lungs.

The heavier people find themselves struggling to get upstairs or walk as far as they used to be able to,never mind climbing a slight hill. As time goes on, the person will suffer discomfort and pain when attempting even minor physical activity. The quality of life deteriorates and it is the moment when the truth of this situation dawns that answers the question as to what point do overweight people decide to lose weight.

The decision to act can almost be scripted as “This is no good, I cannot go on like this, it is spoiling my life. I WILL do something about it, starting from now.” Note that “will” is in capital letters, to signify that human willpower has come into effect and the person is taking control of their weight and their life.

Most dramatic is the moment when a doctor informs the overweight person that if they do not do something to lose weight, then they will die very soon. That is not a fantasy or shock tactic, because statistics prove that obesity is a killer, but will probably make dying even more painful first by giving the person diabetes, heart failure and rheumatoid arthritis along the way. Most overweight individuals will take heed and note that this is the point where they will decide to lose weight and that they will stay motivated in order to live.

Knowing the health risks inherent in being dangerously overweight can sometimes help a person to make that all-important, life-saving decision to lose weight. No matter at what point the overweight person decides to lose weight, or what the motivating trigger might be, it can be done. One day at a time, a little at a time, and so much can be achieved. Life long and prosper.


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