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Guideline To Parents To Understand A Teenage Brain.  

Guideline To Parents To Understand A Teenage Brain.  

As a parent, when your child enters puberty, you might think: what did I do wrong? You didn’t do anything wrong, you just forgot how the adolescent brain works. You were teenagers once. Unwittingly, you’ve treated your parents the way your child is treating you right now.

First of all, you should know that the way your child looks at life is very different from yours and he expects you to empathize. I’d like to continue by stating that I’m a teenager. We, adolescents, think you don’t understand us because we’re not trying to understand you either. I want to help you as a teenager who is aware of this.

“What’s The Point Of Leaving İf I’m Coming So Soon?”

One of the problems between most parents and children is the time to go home. Does your kid want to go to a party? Don’t you want to send him away because he might do something wrong at the party? Or does he want to be back late, and that worries you? You’re right to be concerned. If you are sure that the party atmosphere is bad, explain to your child that he or she should not go to the party inappropriate language. If he agrees, I’d say he’s a pretty good teenager. But mostly he’ll insist and make a scene. In such a situation, tell him your concern in a gentle way. You shouldn’t let him go to the party with conditions. The child shouldn’t feel pressured. Ask him what you want him to do. For example, when you’re at a party, ask him to text you that he’s okay, politely, and with your concerns. When you approach it this way, he will empathize with you and text you from within.

“This İs My Room And I Love The Mess!”

It’s not true that your child likes a mess. But you have to admit he’s right about that, that room belongs to him. At some point, he will be disturbed by the mess and will act. Let him notice things on his own.

“I Don’t Want To Go To School!”

There are many reasons why your child would say such a sentence. You have to start by finding that reason. One of them may be the pressure of studying and homework. If that’s the case, make him feel like nothing in life is more valuable than him. He shouldn’t worry about my family being informed. He should know that you support him in those matters. Another problem may befriend relationships. The only thing you can do about these problems is to talk to him again. Maybe you can relay your experiences. But don’t talk to his friend and try to make things right. It might make him feel powerless.

Finally, remember that they are in a period when their brains function very differently. They can have very serious depression. They can get angry and make the wrong decisions. You have to be there for them under any circumstances and make them feel it. If the problem is very serious, it would be a logical solution to get professional support.


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