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Types Of Exercise

Types Of Exercise

It is undeniable fact that, doing regular exercise and being active during the day are advices which are recommended by most of experts. However, most of people are exposed contradictory rumours sometimes. Although doing sport has a lot of beneficial sides for everyone, sometimes it can be harmful such as excessive cardio which is done frequently because it can exhaust the heart In fact the truth is that everyone’s exercise requirements are changable and it depends on age,gender, genetics…


Workouts which increase cardiac ryhtm are called cardio. For instance: running, swimming, jogging, cycling…

Most of people’s purpose is losing weight by doing cardio workouts. This way is very efficient to achieve’s one goal. Nevertheless, doing excessive cardio exercises almost everyday due to incur hearth disease and stroke prematurely. Therefore, experts also recommended that people have to avoid doing excessive cardio workouts frequently.At the same time, these experts say that people have to give time for recovery to muscles so they need to pay attention rest times.

Resistance Training

Resistance training is a type of exercise that has gained popularity over the last decade. Moreover, benefits of resistance training are advocated by many experts.According to some credible experts resistance training is an excellent exercise and its profits outnumber cardio.

Generally, resistance training focuses our muscles and strenghts. Therefore, it can include resistance band, dumbbells, our own body weight, bottles of water, rubber exercise tubing…


It has derived from India. Yoga is built on two fundementals stone. These are stance and breath. Doing yoga has a lot of advantages in people’s life. A few of these benefits can be counted as follows. Doing yoga improves our body balance and flexibilty. It decreases our anxiety and stress level and helps sleep better, in this way you begin to feel happier in every area of your life.


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