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How Do I Get Rid of A Dead Battery?

How Do I Get Rid of A Dead Battery?


In most part of our lives, we use different kinds of batteries for watches, remote controllers, scales and etc. We buy them from markets and use them. Until its energy fails we do not realize that we must deal with a dead battery. Unfortunately, people throw it to trash without knowing how it may cause dangerous effects to environment.

Batteries are so small, but a dead battery can damage nature and may cause big troubles to earth. That is why we all must be informed about convenient ways of getting rid of a battery.

  • Do not trow a dead battery to household bin. If you search your town to dispose your dead batteries, you will find a recycling drop off point which provided by government or independent companies.
  • If you are able to go a recycling center, you may take them to recycling facility.
  • You must separately collect rechargeable batteries and also dispose them separately.

Can A Completely Dead Battery Be Recharged?

Recycling is the key word of this century. Every single thing we buy, we pay extra attention to buy recyclable materials like batteries. Big companies invest most of their Money to underline their support in recycling actions at their advertorials.

When their energy is done, when they come to end of their mission, dead batteries can not be recharged again. Even rechargeable batteries has an intended life span.

You may use a rechargeable battery for hundreds of times, but sooner or later, it comes to an end.

A rechargeable battery may last 5 years approximately.

How Does Battery Waste Affect the Environment ?

A dead battery may seem simple and innocent. If we do not dispose them properly it may cause some problems like;

  • Battery contains toxic chemicals which may be harmful for water and earth. Dead butteries can contaminate water resources and be harmful for both fishes and plants.
  • A dead battery waste depending on its type may even cause air pollution and be harmful for all animals and humans.


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