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The World’s Best Bicycle Brands Marking the Year 2022

The World's Best Bicycle Brands Marking the Year 2022

The world’s best bicycle brands continue to produce bicycles with great designs and features for those who want to enjoy cycling to the fullest. Riders who want to feel every aspect of nature enjoy a unique journey by owning these bikes.

Cycling brings about changes in human life. Cycling is very beneficial for a healthy, energetic and strong body. It also has an enjoyable aspect. You jump on your bike and go wherever you want, away from any concept that may restrict you. You won’t have any problems such as red light, police turn around, traffic jam, running out of fuel, parking problem.

You pedal as far as your energy is enough and when your energy is exhausted, you sit down and rest. Then you get on your bike again and go wherever you want. Of course, it is important to carry out these travels comfortably.

If you choose one of the bikes on our list, you will have the comfort you want. Because these bikes were selected as the best bikes of 2022 . Voting was done online, with more than 60 million people voting worldwide.

Here are the world’s best bike brands that marked 2022

1- Specialized

Specialized , a world brand, is popularly used especially in the Americas region. You can see cyclists using this bike in many championships. He has many titles in world champions. Very high quality materials are preferred in the construction of the bicycle, which is produced with the thoughts of comfort and confidence.

The price of the bicycle, which is also sold in Turkey, varies between 2 thousand TL and 80 thousand TL. It may come as a surprise to you that a bike costs 80 thousand TL, but there are people who own this bike at this price. Of course, they usually buy professional bike drivers at this price . If you will prefer the bike of this brand, Hardrock You can buy the bike, which is the Sport 29 model and is more affordable.

2- Trek

Known as the Mercedes of the cycling world , Trek is in a good position in the market as a US brand. Its performance and comfort are quite satisfying to the user. For this reason, you enjoy both the bike and the bike with the peace of mind of getting your money’s worth.

This brand, which impresses with its design, is the second best-selling bicycle brand in the world. If you want to be a mountain biker, you can ride quality as a Marlin model with prices ranging from 2000 TL to 5000 TL . It ranks second among the best bicycle brands in the world .

3- Giant

Giant is the world’s largest bicycle manufacturer, originating in Taiwan and winning the Eurobike Award 4 years in a row . Everyone using this brand “ Ride Life. Ride It dominates the slogan “ Giant ” . This brand, which is offered for sale with the slogan “Ride Giant , enjoy life,” is in the third place among the best bicycle brands in the world. If you will start cycling as an amateur, you can choose the ROAM or Talon models ranging from 2 thousand TL to 5 thousand TL.

4- Scott sports

Scott sports brand; It is Switzerland’s most valuable brand in the production of skis, motorcross , running gear and bicycles. The lightest framed bikes and the lightest suspension bikes of the brand, which launches its bikes with various features, are frequently preferred. With these models, it has managed to win the hearts of many cyclists around the world.

5- Cannondale

The Cannondale bicycle brand has managed to attract the attention of cyclists, especially with its design. This success was crowned with an award as its design was highly appreciated. Shock absorbers of their own designs were preferred in the production of the bicycle. The production of a piece in this way also shows that it attaches importance to R&D studies.

In our country, this brand is very often preferred and sold. Thanks to its quality, especially mountain bikers prefer the models of this brand. If you want to start as an amateur, you can have a perfect mountain driving experience with the Trail model. With a test drive, you can quickly understand why it is among the best bicycle brands in the world .

6- Santa Cruz

santa Cruz is the choice of many cyclists, especially with its unique design. If you are into mountain sports, this bike is for you. You can move comfortably on the rough terrain you want. Thanks to its high sales figures, it takes its place among the best bicycle brands in the world. It proves its quality by always getting high votes by users in surveys. It is produced and presented to the market based in California .

7- Bianchi

Bianchi bicycle brand is the most recognized and used brand in our country. Many 80’s and 90’s generations grew up with the bikes of this brand and had their first experience with this bike. The adventure of this brand, which is one of the oldest in the bicycle world, started in 1885. Since its price and performance appeal to everyone, it is widely preferred around the world.

8- Orbea

One of the oldest bicycle manufacturers in the world is the Orbea bicycle brand . It is designed for you to overcome difficult tracks comfortably. Both the materials used are of high quality and it is easy to balance on rough terrain. You can easily access the bicycle, which is also for sale in Turkey.

9- Cube

Cube bicycle brand is not known much because it is not sold in our country. Founded in Germany in 1993, it is one of the most preferred bicycle brands in Europe. If you want to buy a quality bike, you can choose this brand, but you may need to bring it from abroad.

10- Merida

Merida , which is among the best bicycle brands in the world , is based in Taiwan, but R&D studies are carried out in Germany. The bike models of the company, which produces high quality and comfortable bikes, are also widely preferred in our country. Used by riders in international cycling champions.

If you want to buy a brand bike for yourself, you can take a look at these brands. When purchasing a bike, it is important to determine for what purpose you will use it. You have to make your decision from your preferences such as city bike, road bike, mountain bike or show bike. You should then start with the best and better quality bike selections. There are more bike brands than the world’s best bike brands on this list . You can choose the most suitable one for you.


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