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How Does the Darkening of the Armpits Pass?

How Does the Darkening of the Armpits Pass?

There may be various causes of the blackening of the armpits. To solve it, there is a whitening cream sold on the market. But it will be much more effective to use natural methods. Some of the foods we consume may have a whitening effect on the skin.

The problem of darkening of the armpits can be dealt with foods such as lemon, cucumber. Tomatoes are also one of the foods that have a whitening effect. Applying it to the surface of the skin, you can achieve whitening. Anyone who does not have an allergy to tomatoes can definitely apply it.

What Are the Things That Cause Darkening in the Armpit?

It is possible to get injured from certain foods of nature in order to undergo a darkening of the armpits. These products are so that the problem can be solved by natural methods;

Aloe Vera

The Aloe Vera plant is effective in many skin problems. You can use the gel of the Aloe vera plant, which you grow naturally at home. Apply this to the armpit by separating the gel part contained in the aloe vera plant. Leave the product under the armpit for 15-20 minutes. Then rinse with plenty of water. Aloe vera helps reduce darkening.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is effective in healing skin problems. You can apply it under the armpits every day. It does not need to be washed off afterward.

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Lemon is an effective product that can be used in many areas. Lemon has the property of whitening naturally. You can apply it to the armpit, which is clean of lemon. Jul. It is necessary to rub lemon juice under the armpits, rubbing it for a while. So the lemon will penetrate under the armpits. You can do this every day.


There is also an external use of potatoes, which are extremely tasty to eat. Potatoes are used to whiten the skin in natural ways. A piece of peeled potatoes is cut off. With this piece, the armpits are rubbed. You can also use the juice of the potato to whiten the armpits.


It is known to many that baking soda has a whitening effect. Carbonate, by its structure, opens the pores. It helps to open the color of the armpit. Carbonate is puttied with a little water and applied to the armpits. the mixture is left under the armpit for 10-15 minutes, then rinsed off.


Cucumber is a food that has a whitening effect. It does not cause any allergic reactions in people. After cutting the cucumbers into slices, you can rub the armpit. It is also possible to rub it with cucumber peels. There is also no need to rinse it afterward.


It is a food that is as useful to apply to the skin as it is delicious to drink. Milk is mashed together with curd into a puree. Then this mixture is rubbed into the armpit. Then this application is left for 20 minutes. You can apply it to the armpit several days a week.


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