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Free Education And Healt Care

Free Education And Healt Care

Government is a group of people that governs a community or unit. It administrates public policy. Government can move within the laws when it manages the society. With this definition, the government is a source of trust for the society.

Governments have many duties such as security,providing job and accomodation. Moreover, education and health care are priorities of the society beacuse they are fundamental components. The society want to have enough opporunities about healt and education. People of society want help from government. That’s why, the government should provide opportunities for education and medical service.

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Free Education

Basically, education is a method for the inherent and permanent change in a person’s thinking and capacity. If societies are not encouraged to think and create by government, the succesful life cannot be seen for them. In this situation, the government does have the most important role because the aim of government is to provide quality standards of life to have a good society. Therefore, children can go to school and university.

Neverthless, some poor people cannot take an education because of poverty. The amount of expenses might be high for these families. In order to provide education life, government pays them. Thus, some results can be existed.

Firstly, the education reaches large masses. If the education were widespread, the possibility of success would increase. There is direct proportion between the education level and success.

Second, this ensures a prestige. For one society, the prestige is also significant. Thanks to prestige, countries become arbiter. Becoming arbiter is essential need to enhance for countries. Thus, children who are exposed to work can go to the schools rather than workplaces.

In worldwide, the number of students must be increase for high welfare level. This idea can be supported with a quotation. ‘’In Europe, the rise of education level is the topic of interpretation.Expanded of numbers have occasioned a large group of related issues such as organisation and administration, and of very unique conditions for instructing new sorts of understudies with serious desires and scholarly abilities.(Trow, M, 1974)’’.

If the education is supported correctly, high quality of life standards can be provided. Furthermore, people can do self-financing easily. Self financing means generating enough income to finance. In fact, they can pay the money for the activity that is provided itself. Their budget would become more regular. Sometimes, the education and health care expenses are too expensive for people. Since they are compulsory, people cannot avoid paying that.

If people are not exposed to add them in their budgets, they can live without stress of ecomony. The stress of economy may cause some problems. Moreover, the awareness of health and education would increase, they would be seen a neccessary if government paid for them. People would become more cautious. That is, some people cannot go to doctors because of its cost. If it were free, people could go regularly.

The opponents of the idea claim that governments must increase the taxes. The balance of expenses-incomes says that the more money there can be gained, the less difficulty there is for pay. The policy of governments proceeds with the taxes.

For high life quality, it is the most correct way is high tax. With the obligation of taxes, the high taxes are also indispensable. The opponents accept that if governments increase the taxes, their societies can have free services in the field of education and health. However, the idea of opponents is absolutely paradox. In fact, when the society gives high taxes, the pay which is paid by government is not important.

If one country wants to become developed, it cannot take into taxes consideration, it cannot affect from the lack of taxes. ‘’Developing countries encounter diffucult challenges in execution tax systems due to informal sectors, lack of the credible data that allow for wrong tax policies, they have more equitable taxes . Aside from the effect of tax administrations on income budget, the policy of tax can also have appreciable of reform programs in poor countries. (The helping countries develop book, page 13)’’.

This refutation can stem with another angle, the directors must be knowledgeable. If the directors have enough acknowledge, countries can utilize their own sources for the improvement. Thus, the taxes would not become a need when the development can be grown.


All in all, every country wants to develop but to reach it, some components are necessary such as education and health. The economical enhancement is also necessary. Although the ecomony can be improved by some fields, governments should not take into education and health care consideration. That’s why, the developing must be provided if they are free.




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