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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Distance Education

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Distance Education

Distance education is the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction and also enlightening an experience something via technology. As everybody experienced 2020 is the year of all around the world and now we are discussing the advantages and disadvantages of distance learning.

Advantages Of Distance Education?

There are some advantages of distance education such as; safety, flexibility and saving time. For about one year there is an epidemic called COVİD-19 all around the World and it is really a big problem. But the most important and effected field is education. Fortunately, technology helps the educators and they can teach students by the help of video telelearning.

  • One of the advantages of distance education is time, both teachers and students have more time to sleep, do homework, and also they have free time because they do not need to get on the bus and go to the school.
  • Next, distance education is more flexible. For example, you can carry your PC and connect the online lessons whereever you want.
  • More, the most important advantage is safety. Because of the epidemic, people are not in safe in crowded places, to be at home is safer than a crowded class. And also there are less traffic accidents on the roads.
  • Further, the villagers do not need to go to school via dangerous ways. So, these advantages make distance education appealing.

Disadvantages Of Distance Education?

Unlike advantages there are also disadvantages of distance education like psychological problems, lack of education and economical problems.

  • Firstly, some psychological problems have appeared since the beginning of the quarantine. People are afraid of meeting with their friends and family members, so they started to feel lonely and they get bored. Most people get on weight and as a result they have some psychological problems, too.
  • Secondly, some people think that unlike advantages, distance learning causes lack of education because students and even teachers cannot focus on online lessons. So it causes also lack of communication and lack of learning when we compare with the formal education.
  • Last of all, there are also some economical problems. Each part of the life has been effected by the quarantine and most people have lost their jobs, they had to close their shops and employers need to some convenience for payment.
  • And also, not all the people have the same opportunities. For instance, not all the student have an internet connection at home, they do not have any PC or even lack of electricity.


Some people agree with the distance education, but the others not. Then, is there any alternatives for that?

  • One, home schooling can be an alternative. Parents, tutor or an online teacher can be the leader at home or anywhere rather than a school.
  • Two, shorthening the duration of education can be another alternative for video telelearning. Not everyday, but twice or three times a week for each group may be enough.

Half day shooling can be a choice.

  • Three, most of the school life can be in nature instead of buildings.

To sum up, there are so many ideas about distance education and there is a divison between people who support the advantages and disadvantages of distance learning. It changes according to the opportunity of people. So, it is certain that distance education is not equal for everybody. But in this epidemic condition, there is no other choice.



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