Violence At The School

All kinds of viloence are bad but unfourtanetly violence at the school is the worst kind of violence. Because, specially children are exposed like this kind of violence and they are more affected than adult. Most children can not realize violence which is psychological. Sometimes this kind of violence can not be realized even by adults. Because psychological violence is invisible and this impact of violence does not show how itself to us immediately. Because of this situtation school counseling and parents have to give more information about violence to students.

As everyone knows technology is in everywhere especially in the children’s hands. Children are exposed something which is harmful and unsuitable for them. In this way they can watch movie or serious which includes fight, bad behaviours, swearing… Over time they get used to this kind of contents and they start to show this behaviours to school friends in real life. The fact that phones, computers and this kind of technological developments are important things doesn’t change. But from my point of view, Parents have to protect their children from internet until a certain age.

Violence At The School

My second solution is to keep in touch all the time with scool counseling. School counseling should give advice to children and their parents. Social activities should be more increased by school management.

Every children are so special for the humanity. We have to protect them from all of violence and we have to protect ourselves for our mental and physical health .We must not keep silent. We must say stop the all of violence.

Bullying Among Children

Among primary and secondary school children, bullying may not be experienced in classic ways, such as cornering a child or being threatened. What we often witness is bullying infiltrating everyday games with a kind of emphasis on power. In some games, children may not realize that one of them is hurt; however, most of the time the game may be based on the weakness, silence and unresponsiveness of some children.

It is important to understand how children learn and bring the balance of power to life, rather than who is bullying in these games. Because while these types of games feed the confidence and strength of some children, they will cause introverted children to be quieter, insecure and timid, and more importantly, they will be able to assume this passive role throughout their lives.


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