The Hıstory Of The Netherlands!

The Hıstory Of The Netherlands

Records of the Netherlands begins with Roman Empire, since Roman Empire’s power collapsed in Netherlands,  Germanic peoples had to immigrate to the South of Ren River. The Romans established first cities in the Nehterlans’ lands and transformed these lands to Roma province that called as Germania Inferior.

After Roman Empire collapsed, Barbarian incursions begun dominate these areas. Tribes that are newcomer created three different society as Frisians,Low Saxons and the Franks. During the time, one of them became to Franch, the Eastern parts began to Germany and the last one which is Netherlands stayed the middle area. Then, the middle area split in half too.  While,society that was able to speak in Dutch participated the German side, Flamans joined French.

In 10th-11th centuries, Netherlands was managed by German Kings and then in 15th century the Duke of Burgundy captured most of Netherlands’ territories.

In the Dutch golden age (1585-1702), Netherlands became one of the most developed country in terms of science and also trade. During the 17th century, The Dutches traded with all over the world. They established colonies such as New Amsterdam in North America. Then, they established colonies in Asia in time these colonies create the Indonesia. However Japanese occupied Indonesia that is Dutch’s colonial. Thus, Indonesia declared ındependence.

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The Culture Of The Netherlands

The Culture Of The Netherlands

They speaks in Nederland. It has been established in West Europe. Most of the territories is under of sea level. Netherlands is known specially with cheese,windmills,bicycles and tulips. As a different from other countries, gay marriage is statutory(legal) in Netherlands.

King Days in Holland

Queen,prince,princess and King’s birth day is celebrated every year tradionally. Everywhere is colored by orange and created festival in the most of countries. Moreover, ın these days people can buy something cheaper or they can sell their stuffs at an affordable price.

The Most Tourıstıc Places In The Netherlands

The Most Tourıstıc Places In The Netherlands






The Most Interestıng Informatıons About The Netherlands

The Most Interestıng Informatıons About The Netherlands
  1. If all queue are full with four person and the payment vaults haven’t opened yet, all items which are taken is payed back by supermarket chains that are in Netherlands.
  2. Royal princess who has lived in Netherlands has studied at public school.
  3. Assisted suicide is statutory in Netherlands
  4. Although using drug is legal, using drug rates that is in U.S.A outnumbers Netherlands.
  5. Netherlands has a day which is called “rokjesdag“. In these days all girls begin to wear skirts suddenly in the spring.
  6. This country has fighted with the water all the time. If they do not pumb to the North Sea, lands are able to stay under the water.

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