Technological Developments And Inventions

As everyone knows, our lifes are getting easier thanks to technological developments. When we use in a good way Technolohy which is very necessary in these days increases our quailty of life. For example we can search whatever we want from smart phones which everyone has became part of our body. But internet which is a part of technology includes wrong and useful information at the same time. So people can be exposed harmful information that is on the internet.

What İnventions Came From Technology?

Internet is changing the way people meet. For instance nowadays people meet to someone who has never known on the internet. I think this situtaion is very dangerous because social media is virtual. People behave as if good person but whether we are not able to know, they are really good person, or not. Otherwise technology is changing our relationship and our lifestyle.

Nowadays people would rather online communication than face to face communication. Because this way is easier. But it is not sincere. This situation is better understood by people in coronavirus days. Hugging whoever you want is how nice was understood by us. People missing each other talked on the phone thanks to technology.

That this situtaion provided to some applications make more popular for example zoom. We know that almost all companies used zoom for job interview and meetings. To learn what you want about your interest and to improve yourself is very important this days because we have a lot of spare time.

Download app recommended by important people can help you about this situtaion. For example workout, piano, bbc learning english and cake are very good applications and Nowadays these application are used by many people.

If we look from different ways to technologic developments improving fast are starting to replace humans in many areas. For example robots are used to cleaning stuff and robots are used in some factory instead of people. And these things are got lazy people.

What if the robots replace humans? The fact that the robots which are more intelligent than people will replace human makes me scare.


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