Conflıcts Whıch Are Between Parents And Teenagers

It is undeniable fact that most teenagers can’t get along with their parents all over the World. Many causes can be counted that induce conflict between teeangers and their families such as living in a different generations. Moreover, this situtaion’s reasons can derive from biological changes so hormonal changes can be more effected teeangers’ behaviors than other ages group. These are the some reasons why agreeing with teenagers become more difficult to teenagers’ family. Two of problems’ solutions will be discussed in my essay.

As first solution, if family members want to get along with their children better, they have to approach more understanding in this period because teenagers who have inconsiderate family, they tend to more telling a lie to their parents and this will able to causes another complicate problems and distrust between them. On the other way teenagers who can share their troubles with their parents thanks to theirs well- behave, can overcome their issues more easily and without going to wrong and harmful ways. Moreover, they can decrease to minimum level their argues and conflicts as long as teenagers do not respond with bad- behave to their families.

Conflıcts Whıch Are Between Parents And Teenagers

We can also alleviate this problem by directing teenagers to hobbies according to their abilities such as piano course or football course. This provide that teenagers can control their emotions and behaviors by focusing their hobbies. Therefore, being succesful in something makes more happy young people thus teenagers who live in normal life happier, can approach their families more friendly in this way conflicts can be decreased.

It is mentioned that conflicts between youths and their families and solutions for this issues in my essay. To sum up firstly being more tolerant in this period is more important than the other times so teeangers and their parents have to be carefully for healthy comunication. As a second solution: directing young people different hobbies to feel more succesful in their social life can work to better comunicate with others. Finally, we can see that teenagers’ comunicate with their parents is one the most need to be considered thing to in this term so teenagers and their parents have to behave more undertanding to without living argues.

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